Jaime Ricklefs

County Board District 6

Dupage, where you belong

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is the foundation to a successful community.


What does affordable housing do?


Improves children’s performance in school and their mental well-being.  Children that have stable housing are more likely to go to college.


Improves the overall health of the families by being able to spend more on food and health care.  People in affordable housing go from surviving to thriving and have fewer mental stresses.


Helps the community with increased income, job creation and local spending.  Not only does affordable housing provide a boost to the economy when being built but have the long term benefit from new property taxes.  Families that are no longer burdened using the majority of their income on housing can now support local businesses.


Builds generational wealth to create a strong and diverse middle class.  Owning a home is often the first step to permanently lift families out of poverty.


What affordable housing doesn’t do?

Affordable housing does not increase crime.

Affordable housing does not decrease property values.

Affordable housing is not a handout but an investment.

Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity, and inclusion is good for businesses.


A 2015 McKinsey report on over 300 company found that those that scored in the top 25% for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 35% more likely to have higher returns than their industry counterparts.  Being diverse is good financial sense!


Equality, diversity, and inclusion is good for the community.


A 2018 study from The Conversation shows that people who live in diverse neighborhoods are more helpful towards each other.  Diversity offers an opportunity to explore other people’s music, food, dance, and holidays, enriching everyone’s lives.


Equality, diversity, and inclusion is good for the classroom.


Creating an inclusion classroom not only benefits the mental health and well being of ALL students but prepares these students for the world that they are about to join.  A Harvard Business Review found that diversity in fact makes us smarter. 


Equality, diversity, and inclusion is good for DuPage County making sure all people that live and work here know they belong.